Yoga meditation

29 11 2009

In the world of fitness lifestyle, doing an exercise is not always enough becasue you also need to control your eating habit and also in some cases you need to control the way you breathe too. While appetite suppressants helps you control your eating habit, yoga meditation on the other hand can help you control your breathing and correct body posture.
Many are confused when they hear the term yoga meditation. They think of a yoga teacher or a monk instructing a group on how to meditate when they hear the term yoga meditation. This is however not the case. In this article we will look at what is yoga meditation and what are the benefits of incorporating this practice in your life. Now there are many different types of yoga meditation but they all lead to the same thing.

You may attend yoga meditation classes where you will be taught by a yoga teacher by doing some form of meditation. You will however develop a favorite method of yoga that you will enjoy. Now your favorite method will be something that will get you results. Yoga meditation cannot be forced, it will happen with some focus and with no effort. The main focus of meditation is being aware of your breathing.

Breathing exercises are taught to most of the beginner yoga and meditation students to get them to realize the benefits of meditation. To breath properly, you have to sit straight in order to align your spine. Your posture is very important in meditation. Yoga students will have to learn to sit straight on the floor without a chair back to lean on. Some cultures have no trouble sitting on the floor while others are use to sitting on chairs so it can be difficult for some students to get used to sitting straight without any back support. You don’t have to use the floor if you want to meditate, you can always use the chair for back support. If you are sitting on the floor and be uncomfortable you won’t be able to get anywhere with your meditation as you will be concentrating on the discomfort.

Some classes do allow chairs to be used as yoga meditation prop to help students get good back support and be comfortable so that they achieve meditative state. Another popular way of using the chair is by placing your lower legs on the chair while lying flat on the floor. You will have to lie down on your back and place your lower legs on the chair and make sure that it is parallel to the floor and your upper legs are perpendicular to the floor. These are just and introduction about yoga meditation and will be further discussed in future


Tips to get the best results out of your workout

12 11 2009

work out

Working out in the form of different types of exercises is always good for our mind,body and also for weight loss. Like most people in the world, you have limited time to exercise and want maximum benefit from your time of the home treadmill, cycle or elliptical. Balancing work, family, social life and exercise can be difficult and the suffering equation is usually your own workout. Use these tips to keep a healthy lifestyle and keep your home exercise equipment in good working order, just like your body.
work out 2
1. Do not wait or procrastinate – do not leave your workout until after work or plan your schedule too far in advance. By starting the day with some exercise, you are waking up your body in the best possible way. By warming up properly and spending twenty minutes on the treadmill, cycle or elliptical you can plan your day and give your metabolism a kick start before breakfast. If you do not manage to exercise again after work, you have done half a workout for the day. Postponing the workout leaves you dreading exercise the entire day and you will feel guilty if the evening workout is missed and you do exercise for the day.

work out3
2. Exercise twice a day for shorter duration – by breaking up the workout into two shorter sessions, you are able to speed up metabolism and start and end the day with a good workout that will be manageable and not too tiring. The muscles will not be too fatigued from being exhausted so early in the day as the workout is shorter, yet still quite intense. After a hard day at work, the energy levels will be replenished after a post-work workout and lead to a good sleep.

work out4
3. Always warm up – warming up prepares the body for exercise and will prevent injury. Skipping the warm up and going directly into a run or intense session will shock the body and cause damage. Warming up is an opportunity to plan the workout ahead and get the working muscles used to the movement before being stressed.

4. Exercise in intervals – instead of staying at the same pace and resistance, vary the speed and intervals of the cardio activity as this will keep the body and mid challenged and prevent boredom. Vary the pace and workout every time to prevent your body getting used to the exercise.

work out5
5. End on a high – for the last few minutes of exercise it is important to challenge yourself by sprinting or applying extra resistance to work up a sweat and increase heart rate. By pushing yourself, you are making the most of your workout and adding to the sense of accomplishment.

These simple but effective tips regarding workout  can help you save time, effort and energy. Still a proper diet is needed to get the most out of any kind of work out and having diet pills, weight pills and appetite suppressants are also a good way to maintain a healthy diet.

The benefits of swimming

9 11 2009


Swimming is a movement in the water that can be considered just for fun and also a sport activity. Some people might not noticed that swimming has a lot of benefits for our body and just like any other fitness exercise swimming can also burn a lot of fats in your body becasue it involves the movement of the whole body.


As a sport, swimming is considered one of the hardest sport in Olympics because it requires a total conditioned mind and body to be able to swim fast enough for a swimming competition and also for synchronized swimming. Professional swimmers practice regularly to achieve good results and in doing so they also achieved a fit and healthy body thanks to regular practice of swimming.


An average person who is not a professional swimmer, the same benefits of swimming can be achieved with regular schedule of swimming. You can compare the guys living near the beaches and those who dot across Europe and America, there are more slim and muscular men and women in the beach area than those in area that if far from beaches and resorts. Regular swimming can really burn fats in your whole body and just like any diet pills, appetite suppressant and weight pills, swimming is a sport where you can have fun doing it and lose weight in doing so.


Fitness lifestyle is for everyone

7 10 2009


When we say “lifestyle” its not always about how people live instead its more on how people live their life to the fullest. Noticed some lifestyle magazines? Yes, you can see a lot of nice things in that kind of magazine including spectacular houses & vacation spots, weight loss, healthy diets, how to be slim, fit and sexy and many things that are too good to be true. As matter of fact, it can be true and the only question standing in your way is “do you want to live life at its best?” Of course almost all people want something like that but they don’t even know how to start.


Start with having a fitness lifestyle or healthy living that can change the way you live your life, improves your self esteem, achieve better health that can help you on your way to success. You can do this by changing your eating habits to a proper diet and engage your body to different kinds of fitness activities or exercises. It can get you occupied, release stress and at the same time lose weight like any diet pills would do. Some times many people are having trouble controlling their eating habits and cause them to fail on having a fitness lifestyle. In this case an appetite suppressant like The Fill Pill is a good choice for those kinds of people who can’t control their bad eating habits.


After a successful change of diet, engaging on fitness activities and different kinds of exercise is the next step. It helps you to have a strong and sexy body that can definitely enhance your self esteem and also prevent you from being prone to sickness and other disease. It’s a total package for both self confidence and self satisfaction and any one who have the determination to do it, can do it.


This explains that having a fitness lifestyle is not that hard to achieve but needs a great amount of to the fullest because it’s not about being rich, it’s always about feeling good and satisfied.  Any person can do it that is why fitness lifestyle is for everyone.