Tips to get the best results out of your workout

12 11 2009

work out

Working out in the form of different types of exercises is always good for our mind,body and also for weight loss. Like most people in the world, you have limited time to exercise and want maximum benefit from your time of the home treadmill, cycle or elliptical. Balancing work, family, social life and exercise can be difficult and the suffering equation is usually your own workout. Use these tips to keep a healthy lifestyle and keep your home exercise equipment in good working order, just like your body.
work out 2
1. Do not wait or procrastinate – do not leave your workout until after work or plan your schedule too far in advance. By starting the day with some exercise, you are waking up your body in the best possible way. By warming up properly and spending twenty minutes on the treadmill, cycle or elliptical you can plan your day and give your metabolism a kick start before breakfast. If you do not manage to exercise again after work, you have done half a workout for the day. Postponing the workout leaves you dreading exercise the entire day and you will feel guilty if the evening workout is missed and you do exercise for the day.

work out3
2. Exercise twice a day for shorter duration – by breaking up the workout into two shorter sessions, you are able to speed up metabolism and start and end the day with a good workout that will be manageable and not too tiring. The muscles will not be too fatigued from being exhausted so early in the day as the workout is shorter, yet still quite intense. After a hard day at work, the energy levels will be replenished after a post-work workout and lead to a good sleep.

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3. Always warm up – warming up prepares the body for exercise and will prevent injury. Skipping the warm up and going directly into a run or intense session will shock the body and cause damage. Warming up is an opportunity to plan the workout ahead and get the working muscles used to the movement before being stressed.

4. Exercise in intervals – instead of staying at the same pace and resistance, vary the speed and intervals of the cardio activity as this will keep the body and mid challenged and prevent boredom. Vary the pace and workout every time to prevent your body getting used to the exercise.

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5. End on a high – for the last few minutes of exercise it is important to challenge yourself by sprinting or applying extra resistance to work up a sweat and increase heart rate. By pushing yourself, you are making the most of your workout and adding to the sense of accomplishment.

These simple but effective tips regarding workout  can help you save time, effort and energy. Still a proper diet is needed to get the most out of any kind of work out and having diet pills, weight pills and appetite suppressants are also a good way to maintain a healthy diet.