Tips on getting a six pack abs that are just sexy

19 11 2009

The so called “six pack abs” is one of the hardest thing to achieve if you want a sexy and well sculpted body. I mean, six pack abs are so sexy and appealing. But you can’t believe everything you see on TV about how to get them. If you’re serious about wanting them, you have to be willing to work at it.

1. Get rid of the flab first! Even though your workout may tone and strengthen your ab muscles, you won’t be able to tell unless you get rid of the layer of fat on top. You can do this by less eating fatty foods and controlling your diet, any appetite suppressant and diet pills can help you out on this one

2. You don’t have to do a full sit-up, crunches are just as good. You’re using your abdominal muscles to lift yourself off the floor. After your shoulders leave the floor, your lower back and hip muscles are doing the work, so you really don’t need to do the full sit-up.

3. Do just a few reps each set, like 10-15. Your abdominals should be treated just like the other muscles in your body. If it’s too easy to do more reps it’s not that effective an exercise, or you’re doing it wrong.

4. Take a day or two break from working your abs. You also don’t want to overwork your lower back and neck muscles.

5. Use your abdominal muscles to lift, do not use your neck and head to avoid soreness.

6. Suck in your abs, and also don’t arch your back or flatten it during crunches. Leave a half inch or so between your back and the floor.

7. The floor is as good a way to do your abdominal workout as using any machine. Most of the machines work your hips and back more than your abs. Plus, the floor is challenging and offers variety.

8. When you do a crunch, you need to curl forward, like you are doubling over.

9. Keep your elbows still. They should be out and rounded slightly inward to avoid pulling on your neck.

You happen to have four abdominal muscles. The biggest one is called the rectus abdominis, a wide, long muscle than goes from your lower chest to a couple of inches below your belly button – right down your middle. This muscle curls your spine forward, as in a crunch.

Then you have diagonal muscles than go up and down your sides, called the internal and external obliques. They provide support to your lower back, help your rectus abdominis curl your spine and let you twist and bend to the side.

Next you have the transverses abdominis, which is exactly under the rectus abdominis. It’s the deepest abdominal muscle. This muscle isn’t responsible for a particular motion, but you use it when you sneeze, cough or exhale with force.

If you really want your six-pack abs, you’ll need to stick with it, but your reward will be having muscular abs that are the envy of all your friends.