Target and Build Your Arm Muscles with EZ Bar Curl

12 09 2011

The EZ bar curl is a popular and easy exercise that you can do to develop your arm muscles.  Because of the curve found in the bar, each motion is done naturally without forcing all your joints into an unnatural position.  Changing your grip will also help you target different parts of your muscles.  A wide-grip (slightly wider than shoulder’s breadth with your hands on the outer curve of the bar) will isolate movement on the short head of your biceps brachii.  Holding the EZ bar close-grip (your hands closer to each other inside the EZ bar) will effectively target the long head of your triceps brachii.  What makes this type of exercise popular is because the shape of the bar helps you lift heavy weights without risking overuse injury to the muscles and joints of your arms. Choose a set of weights that is slightly heavier than what you can easily carry, but not too heavy that it will cause you to overtrain your muscles too much.  Although the goal is to use heavier weights than usual for training and building muscles, you should still exercise caution and safety by not using weights that are more than you can handle.


Stand up with your back straight, keeping your spine in natural alignment.  Your feet should be planted wider than shoulder’s breadth for stability and balance.  Grasp the EZ bar in a wide grip, with your wrist rotated inwards as it follows the curve of the bar and your arms extended with a slight curve in your elbows.  Keep this as your starting position.  Exhale as you slowly raise the bar by bending your elbows.  Keep your upper arms and shoulders stationary and do not use momentum for lifting the weights.  Refrain from arching your back as you lift the EZ bar to make sure that the motion is isolated in your arms.  Stabilize your body by contracting your core muscles as well as your back and glutes. Once the EZ bar is at chest level, hold the position without releasing the contraction for a second.  Inhale as you go back to starting position, counteracting the force of gravity and keeping the tension in the previously stated muscles.
The exercise is done with 2 sets of 15 to 25 reps.

Written by Aaron Garcia of the px90 Equipment Shop, the best online shop for the Insanity Workout.




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